Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Legal Māori Resource Hub is now live

To mark Māori Language week a new Māori resource called the Legal Māori Resource Hub has been launched.

The hub contains a dictionary of Māori legal terms and a searchable Māori language corpus compiled from our Legal Māori Archive. These resources were produced by the Victoria University of Wellington Law Faculty.

The dictionary can be searched for in Māori and English for Māori terms that describe Western legal concepts and law-related vocabulary. Each dictionary entry contains usage examples from contemporary and historical Māori language resources.

You can also browse the corpus Māori words and examples of how they have been used. Once you have found a word you can view frequency, form and collocation data by clicking the > next to your search word.

We think the hub will be a great resource for students of Māori Studies and Law, and also those wanting to improve their written Māori.

Access the hub at