Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Scholarly editions of 19th Century Novels

The NZETC is proud to highlight the work of ENGL489 students from Victoria University of Wellington who have been working with works in our 19th Century novels collection over the past two years. The students have researched a novel of their choice and created a scholarly edition complete with editorial glossing through footnotes, bibliographies and relevant contemporary resources. These editions contribute to the understanding of little known authors and works.

The editorial editions are as follows:

Further information regarding the corpus of novels can be obtained here: Nineteenth Century Novels Corpus Page. We would like to thank Jane Stafford from the School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies for working to make the course a success.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Vacancy: Digital Projects Assistant

The Library Technology Services team at Victoria University is focused upon the delivery of digital content, tool and services to meet the needs of the Library and its community of users.

Applications are invited to for a permanent position within that team as Digital Projects Assistant. The role is to undertake the practical tasks required to both create new digital resources for the Library collections inlcluding the NZETC collection. It is a great chance to learn and gain experience across a range of digitisation and digital academic publishing projects.

Would suit someone with an enthusiasm for digital projects, an aptitude for technology and an eye for detail. Relevant experience in publishing, libraries or information technology would be useful but excellent communication skills and experience of working effectively in a team are equally important.

To view details of this position and to apply, please go to: http://vacancies.vuw.ac.nz/

Ref: G260-10

Closing date for applications – Monday 29th November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

Copyright Mistakes

Alert users will have noticed that we've been having some difficulties in the last little while. A staff error resulted in the serving of works to the public under an inappropriate copyright license. When the error was identified we immediately took down the webserver and reversed the mistake.

Most of the content that we serve is either cached (webpages) or pre-generated (ePub and DAISY ebooks, PDF page images) and the number of works effected means that the re-cacheing and re-pre-generation will take some time. Until then our webserver is likely to be slow and some links to ePubs will not work. Our TEI, DAISY and PDF files appear not to contain licensing information so continue to be available.

We believe that we now have correct licensing information for all works on our website. If you have any questions about the licensing of particular works or corpora, please get in touch with us at Library Technology Services.

We are currently getting in touch with known re-users of our content to alert them to the situation and work through the licensing issues.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Zoology Publications of VUW

We are very happy to announce the launch of the Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington 1949-1985. The Zoology Publications contain works of national and to an extent international relevance and will benefit marine and terrestrial biologists working in New Zealand through extensive keys and species descriptions. Articles in the publication often describe the discovery of new genera and species. Interestingly many of the articles in the publication’s history research species local to the Cook Strait and Wellington region as well as the rest of New Zealand. The Zoology Publications represent an important part of the university’s scientific research outputs.

Zoology is a broad discipline, at present many courses in the Ecology & Biodiversity and Marine Biology programmes contain significant zoological content. We anticipate that having the Zoology Publications readily available will be very valuable for students studying in these disciplines and will promote past and future research within the University.

This digitisation project has enabled fully searchable copies of the entire collection of 80 works that were previously difficult to access. Each article is also available to be downloaded in PDF and ePub formats.