Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Experiment Magazine now on the NZETC

Amongst the expanding collection of VUW student publications we have digitised, is a literary journal called Experiment. Published by the Victoria University College Literary Society, and running from 1956 to 1969, Experiment aimed to publish original poetry and prose contributed by Victoria's students and other local writers.

One regular contributor and editor was Renato Amato, who died suddenly in 1964. Experiment published a lot of Amato's work, including his short stories and extracts from his novels. His talent for story telling was recently acknowledged in The Listener.

Other contributors to Experiment have gone on to become established writers, including:
Experiment will no doubt be of interest to readers and researchers of New Zealand Literature, and making it available in the NZETC allows researchers the opportunity to easily explore individual writers progress over time and across different publications.

The Victoria University of Wellington Library has published its collection level statement for the NZETC. The statement provides guidance for collection development and management activities for the NZETC. By publishing the statement, the Library illustrates how the NZETC sits beside its other collections, in supporting learning, teaching, and research.