Monday, 8 November 2010

Copyright Mistakes

Alert users will have noticed that we've been having some difficulties in the last little while. A staff error resulted in the serving of works to the public under an inappropriate copyright license. When the error was identified we immediately took down the webserver and reversed the mistake.

Most of the content that we serve is either cached (webpages) or pre-generated (ePub and DAISY ebooks, PDF page images) and the number of works effected means that the re-cacheing and re-pre-generation will take some time. Until then our webserver is likely to be slow and some links to ePubs will not work. Our TEI, DAISY and PDF files appear not to contain licensing information so continue to be available.

We believe that we now have correct licensing information for all works on our website. If you have any questions about the licensing of particular works or corpora, please get in touch with us at Library Technology Services.

We are currently getting in touch with known re-users of our content to alert them to the situation and work through the licensing issues.