Monday, 15 October 2007

New Texts

Several new texts have been added to the NZETC online collection. They include historical essays on mathematics in New Zealand, an early Maori Grammar and the text of two lectures given in 1851 by the Methodist missionary Thomas Buddle. The full list is given below.

In addition the NZETC collection is now enriched by links to articles in Te Ao Hou. The links are to articles by authors who are also represented in the NZETC collection. For example the topic page for Rewiti Kohere includes links to three texts in the NZETC collection and four articles he contributed to Te Ao Hou. The NZETC web pages now include links to content in Te Ao Hou, the Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society, and Early New Zealand Books.

List of new texts in date order:

The Aborigines of New Zealand, by Thomas Buddle (1851)
Grammar of the New Zealand Language, by Robert Maunsell (1862)
The Maori: Yesterday and Today, by James Cowan (1930)
Hero Stories of New Zealand, by James Cowan (1935)
The Study of Mathematics, by James Tower Campbell (1946)
Mathematics at Victoria in Retrospect, by C. J. Seelye (1974)
In Peace & War: A Civilian Soldier's Story by Haddon Donald (2005)

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